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Tips On How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Sale On The Market

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There is no “I” in Team

Why working with a single realtor is a thing of the past.

So, you’re looking to buy or sell your home?? Congrats!! Getting ready to buy or sell can be an extremely exciting time for you and your family. For many of us, our house is our most expensive purchase we will ever make, so making sure you as a customer are taken care of is vital in this exciting time. The first step for many, as they begin on this exciting journey of buying or selling is to partner with a local realtor to make sure their best interests are taken care. For many choosing a realtor is as simple as asking your friends, or maybe working with the realtor who sold you your house or hoping online and seeing who pays the most for advertising on Zillow. But is this the best approach for the most expensive transaction you may ever make? Today we are going to cover a few things you might want to consider when looking for a realtor or a real estate team to work with.

First off what is the difference between a realtor and a real estate team? Up until recently, real estate transactions were primarily done between a customer and a single realtor who helped them buy and sell their homes. More recently the emergence of real estate teams has become more common, a real estate team is often comprised of at least 2-3 realtors working in the customer’s best interest. Often each realtor on a team has a different role, for instance one realtor might do all the showings, while another realtor focuses only on selling your house. You see the real estate game has changed pretty dramatically over the last few years as technology has advanced. Gone are the days of just putting the house on the MLS, taking pictures with your flip phone and putting a sign in the yard, hoping for the best. In this digital market, buying and selling a house has become increasingly more intricate for those involved. There are a number of advantages to working with a real estate team in this ever-evolving market and we will explore those advantages to give you a better understanding of how a team can help you on your next transaction.

1) It’s more convenient for you, the customer - Hopefully this doesn’t come as a shock to you but odds are, you are not your realtor’s only client. There’s a good change your realtor is working with a few other buyers and sellers at the same time they are working with you. For this reason, one realtor can’t always be everywhere all the time. If your perfect house comes on the market, it may take a few days for your realtor’s schedule to free up enough to get you in to see it. Team’s on the other hand are able to be in multiple places at the same time. Working with a team gives you a better chance of seeing your perfect home the day it comes on the market and being the first to submit your offer, giving you the best chance to land the deal.

2) Selling a house is much different than buying one and vice versa - Here’s the dirty little secret your lone realtor doesn’t want you to know. Selling a house and buying a house are two totally different processes. Yes, at the end they both come together with an offer on a house but that’s about the only thing to two have in common. Selling a house involves analyzing the local market, advertising, and marketing, where buying a house requires your realtor to know your interests, negotiate pricing and find you a great deal. It’s very difficult for one person to excel at each of these. Teams on the other hand typically have one person dedicated to each of these tasks. They will often have someone who specializes in market research and another who does advertising and marketing and yet another who can negotiate deals and find you your perfect home. Working with a team gives you a better chance of having experts in each of the different facets of buying and selling a house working for you and your best interest.

3) More expertise - Odds are if you are living in the Metro, you are moving from one city to another. For instance, in the twin cities area, it’s not uncommon to trade your condo in St Louis Park for a nice 2 story single family house in Maple Grove. Even though these cities might be close to each other from a geographic sense, their markets can vary greatly. St Louis Park is a great place for first tiem home buyers, so that market is more impacted by rent rates, and rental vacancy rates, where Maple Grove is more family oriented and factors that affect first time home buyers won’t have much impact working up there. Working with a real estate team improves your chances of working with an agent who knows both areas well and can advise you how to play both markets to your advantage.

4) Realtors are people too - Being a realtor is just like any other job and realtors are people too and frankly sometimes life happens. Realtors get sick, go on vacation, go to sporting events and celebrate holidays. If you are working with a single realtor, when life happens, you the customer are at a disadvantage. Working with a team helps ensure when life happens business keeps going along at usual and you the customer are still taken care of.

Getting Your Home Ready For Listing On The Market

So you’ve decided to sell your house, now what? First and foremost, congrats on making your decision to sell! It can be a scary decision to make, but when it’s right to sell, it’s right to sell. So what are somethings you can do now to get your house ready to make a big splash in the market and stand out from the rest of the houses on the market? Let’s dive into the 4 things you can do to make your house stand out from the rest! This list is for those of you who have decided it’s times to sell. If you are still deciding if now is the right time for you, check out our last post “Thinking About Selling Your Home?”

1. Curb appeal
First impressions last a life time. The first impression of your house is no different. The outside of your house is very important when selling your house. One of the first steps in selling a house, is advertising that it is for sale. Most commonly this is accomplished by taking photographs of your property. The first photo graph people want to see? The outside. The outside of your home is a lot like the cover of a book. The content of the book might be good but if it starts with a bad cover it’s harder to get people to take a look inside.
So what can be done to increase your curb appeal? You can start by going out to your curb and looking at your house. What do you see? Is your grass cut? Are there branches or leaves everywhere? Is the paint chipping? Is your siding falling off? What minor things can you do while walking around the outside of your house?
A few key areas to pay attention to-
Siding and paint. Chipped paint or pieces of siding that are broken or coming off, are real eye sores. A lot of future home owners don’t want to think about repainted or residing a house. Cleaning up any of these areas before your house hits the market can do wonders for improving your curb appeal.
Debris in your yard. Any clutter in your yard can definitely decrease your curb appeal. When you list your house you should try to declutter your yard the best you can. This includes natural clutter such as branches or leaves and personal clutter such as decorations or signs.
Your front door and stoop. When someone comes to view your house, odds are they are going to spend a few seconds waiting at your front door as their agent opens the lock box to get them in. They’ll use this extra time to take a look around at what they see. So be sure your front door and the area around it is in tip top shape, as it usually gets looked at pretty hard as potential buyers wait to get in your place.

2. Declutter
Once you have your house looking good from the outside, it’s time to get it looking right on the inside. Inside we’ll want to focus on keeping the clutter down inside your home.
Remember first impressions last, so what is the first room a potential buyer will see when they walk into your house? We want to make sure a buyers path through your home is free of clutter and easy to navigate. We don’t want someone walking and stepping over shoes or toys to gain entry to your home. Clutter makes any room look small. This is the opposite of what we want buyers to perceive. We want each room, each cabinet every nook and cranny to look bigger, not smaller! Getting rid of unnecessary clutter will help accomplish this.
The kitchen is a prime area for decluttering. Starting with kitchen counter tops. It’s not a bad idea to leave a few appliances out on the counter tops. Gives buyers an idea of the functional space of the counter tops, but you want to make sure you don’t leave too many things out and soon here looks like there is no counter top space at all! The kitchen cabinets often need a little help too. It’s not uncommon to own a few sets of plates and glass wear but you might want to keep how much you have in the cabinets to a minimum. Again having too much in the cabinets makes them appear small, so downsizing a little can make them look bigger! Keep just enough in there so people can get an idea of what could fit in there but don’t over due it and take up all the space.
Bathrooms are another problem area. It is not uncommon for people to maximize the use of their bathroom counter space and shower shelf space. Down sizing the amount of clutter on the sink and the number of shampoos in the shower can help make the space look cleaner and more visually appealing, to any potential buyers.

3. Depersonalize
If the outside is looking good and the clutter is gone on the inside then it’s time to start personalizing or neutralizing the look of your home. When a new buyer walks in we want them to start picturing your house, as their future home. This is somewhat hard to do if all they see is your stuff.
So what needs to go? First we recommend getting rid of family photos. Again it’s hard for future buyers to picture themselves moving into the home if they are surrounded by pictures of you. Also buyers when touring your home will look at your photos if they are up. Most people prefer to avoid this so make sure to remove person photos first.
Next you’ll want to look at your décor. When it comes to décor you want things that are neutral. Specifically we want to remove things that are specific to you and your lifestyle, sports memorabilia, political signs, hunting or fishing décor, or any antiques. A good rule of thumb if you are wondering about a particular piece of furniture or décor is- think about if it would appear at your local target. If you could see Target selling that piece of décor or furniture then it’s probably okay.

4. Paint Color/Wallpaper
Paint and wallpaper could also fall under depersonalizing your home. Paint and wallpaper are often chosen on personal preference, so it can be hard to know what someone else might like. But on the flip side, future buyers often don’t want to deal with having to repaint multiple rooms or ripping off yards of wallpaper. So if you have some older style wallpaper or odd colored rooms, it’s not a bad idea to considering repainting those rooms with some warm neutral colored paints.

There you have it. Following these simple tips can help your house fly off the market when it’s first listed. If you have any more questions or if you need any help selling your home, don’t hesitate to comment or email us directly at;